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Gujranwala Schools List of Best TOP 100 Positions

Gujranwala Schools List of Best TOP 100 Positions
Schools in Gujranwala
GUJRANWALA, July 11: At least 66 boys and girls schools in the district would be denationalized under the Punjab government denationalization plan, Dawn learnt here on Thursday.
According to a survey report, there are 103 high/higher secondary schools for boys and 70 high/higher secondary schools for girls in the district. Of them, 24 boys and 12 girls schools will be denationalized in the city. Now the city of 1.3 million population will have only seven government high schools — three for boys and four for girls.
Similarly, 30 elementary schools for boys and girls out of 155 will also be denationalized in the district.
Around 760 teachers and 155 clerks and low paid employees will also affect due to the denationalization of these educational institutions.
Meanwhile, 165 posts of teachers are still lying vacant in government high schools across the district and teachers to be affected by the denationalization policy are trying to get their transfer to these schools to avoid unemployment.
Organizations of teachers, professors and lecturers threatened to go on a province-wide strike if the Punjab government did not withdraw the ordinance of denationalization policy.
List of Gujranwala School.
Top 100 School of Gujranwala
A.K. Kids Campus For Boys 278/A Model Town Gujranwala
Aizar High School Satellite Town Gujranwala
Al-Badr High School Gujranwala
Al-Dawah Model High School Peoples Colony Kashmir, Road Gujranwala
Al-Farabi Model High School Qudratabad, Wazirabad
Al-Farooq Public School Shalimar Town Gujranwala
Al-Kabir Universal Higher Secondary School Delta Road Gujranwala
Al-Madina Islamic High School For Boys G.T.Road Grw
Al-Madni Model High School Dadwali Sharif, Teh. Wazirabad (Gujranwala)
Al-Noor High School Madni Road, Shahpur Khiali Grw
Al-Rajput Public High School, Gujranwala
American International School 21-A S/T Gujranwala
Asaas National Boys High School Shahrah-E-Quaid-E-Azam Gujranwala Cantt
Azam International School, Alipur Chattah (Gujranwala)
Azam Public Boys High School, Qila Didar Singh (Gujranwala)
Batala International Public School, Gujranwala
Beacon House School System Gujranwala
Best School System 39/A. S/Town Gujranwala
Bibi & Baba Boys High School, Gil Road, Gujranwala
Blue Bells Kids Campus (For Boys) 74-A Satellite Town Gujranwala
Cathedral School, Gujranwala
Christian High School Po Box 113, Civil Lines, Church Road Gujranwala-Pakistan
City Cardinal High School D.C. Road Gujranwala
City Public Model School, Nowshera Road, Gujranwala
City Public School College Road, Peoples Colony Gujranwala
City Standared Boys High School, Hafizabad Road, Gujranwala
Civil Polit High School (For Boys) Gujranwala
Community Model Boys High School Shaheenabad Gujranwala
Crescent Public High School (For Boys) More Eminabad, Gujranwala
Dawn Public High School, 3-Main Road Garjakh Gujranwala
Decent Public High School, Kamoke
Divisional Public Sec School Peoples Colony Grw
Education Vertex School Mohafiz Town Gujranwala
Federal Science College Wapda Employee Town Gujranwala
Fm. Memorial High School G.T. Road Rahwali Grw
Glasgow Public School System (For Boys) Qila Didar Sing (Grw)
Govt. A.D Model High School Gujranwala
Govt. A.M Islamia High School No.1 Gujranwala
Govt. A.M Islamia High School No.2 Gujranwala
Govt. Boys High School Sohdra (Gujranwala)
Govt. C.M. Boys High School Qila Didar Singh (Gujranwala)
Govt. C.M. High School, Nowshera Virkan Gujranwala
Govt. Christian High School Wazirabad (Gujranwala)
Govt. Co-Op High School Budha Goraya (Gujranwala)
Govt. Community Model High School G.T. Road Ghakhar (Gujranwala)
Govt. Community Model High School, Fattomand, Gujranwala
Govt. Community Model Higher Secondary School (Maan) Gujranwala
Govt. Community Model Higher Secondary School Jham Wala (Gujranwala)
Govt. Community Model Higher Secondary School, Sharan Chattha (Gujranwala)
Govt. Community Model Inter College, Jalal Balagan (Gujranwala)
Govt. Comprehensive School Gujranwala
Govt. F-I High School Kathore Kalan (Gujranwala)
Govt. F.C Islamia High School Gujranwala
Govt. F.D. Model High School Gujranwala
Govt. Hamid Ali Memorial High School Gujranwala
Govt. High School Aulakh Bhaike (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Babbar (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Bharoke Cheema (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Bhatti Bhango (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Bhiri Khurd (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Botala Sharm Singh (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Butala Jhanda Singh (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Chahal Kalan (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Chak Baig (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Dandian (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Dhaunkal (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Dhensar Paeen (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Dhillanwali (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Dhulley Gujranwala
Govt. High School Dogranwala Waraich (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Garmula Virkan (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Gondlanwala (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Gunna Aur (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Hamid Pur Kalan (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Hazrat Kailianwala (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Herdo Ratali (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Jallan (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Jamke Chatta (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Jaura (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Kalaske (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Kali Suba (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Karyal Kalan (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Kashmir Colony Gujranwala Cantt
Govt. High School Khanki Head (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Khiali Gujranwala
Govt. High School Kot Rafique Kamoke (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Kotli Nawab (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Ladhewala Cheema (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Ladhewala Warraich (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Lala Pur (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Malke (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Manchar Chatta (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Manzoorabad (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Mari Bhindran (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Mari Thakran (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Matta Virkan (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Nizamabad (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School No. 1 Qila Didar Singh (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School No. 2 Qila Didar Singh (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School No.1 Ghakhar (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School No.1 Kamoke (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School No.2 Ghakhar (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School No.2 Sheesh Mahal Road, Kamoke (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School No.3 Kamoke (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Nokhar (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Nowshera Virkan (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Qila Mian Singh (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Rahwali Gujranwala Cantt
Govt. High School Raja (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Rasul Nagar (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Salhoki Chatha (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Saroke (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Sohawa Dhilwan (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Sukhana Bajwa (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Talwandi Khajoor Wali (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Talwandi Musa Khan (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Tatlay Aali (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Thatha Manak (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Udhowali (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Verpal (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School Wazirabad (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School, Abdal (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School, Ahmad Nagar (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School, Akbar Ghanoke (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School, Ali Pur Chatha (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School, Aroop (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School, Attawa (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School, Balleywala (Gujranwala)
Govt. High School, Chandala (Gujranwala)
Govt. Higher Secondary School G. T. Road Gujranwala
Govt. Higher Secondary School Mandiala Tega (Gujranwala)
Govt. Higher Secondary School Wahndo (Gujranwala)
Govt. Iqbal High School Gujranwala
Govt. Islamia High School No.1 Eminabad (Gujranwala)
Govt. Islamia High School No.2 Eminabad (Gujranwala)
Govt. J.M. Islamia High School Ferozewala (Gujranwala)
Govt. Jinnah Memorial Muslim High School Gujranwala
Govt. Liaqat High School Pipnakha (Gujranwala)
Govt. M.A. Islamia High School Gujranwala
Govt. M.D. Islamia High School Muchhrala (Gujranwala)
Govt. M.S. Islamia High School S/Town Gujranwala
Govt. M.T High School Peoples Colony Gujranwala
Govt. Millat High School Gujranwala
Govt. P.B Model High School Gujranwala
Govt. Public High School Gujranwala
Govt. Public High School Wazirabad (Gujranwala)
Govt. T.N Muslim High School Gujranwala
Grammar Public School Gujranwala
High Aims School System Ladhewala Warraich
High Aims School System Ladhewala Warraich Gujranwala
Hussain High School Alipur Chatha (Gujranwala)
Imperial Public School Wazirabad.
Islamabad Educational Center Boys High School People's Colony Gujranwala-Pakista
Jadeed Dastgir Ideal Boys High School Gujranwala
Jadeed Mubbashar Ideal High School 8-D, Shaheenabad, Gujranwala.
Jamal Model High School, Nangrae Bhatti (Gujranwala)
Jinnah International Public School, Gujranwala
K. T. Model Higher Secondary School, Gujranwala
Ken Ideal Grammer High School Kamoke
Khadim Hussain International Public High School Wazirabad
Latif Model High School Wazirabad
Little Scholars School System Tatlay Aali Gujranwala
Lyceum Campus, High School For Boys B-1 Wapda Town, Gujranwala
M.K. Science High School Gujranwala
M.S. Memorial High School Faisal Colony No.1 Shah Pur Khiali Gujranwala
Maryland High School (For Boys) G.T. Road Ghakhar City (Grw)
Mashraq Science Higher Secondary School Muhafiz Town, Gujranwala
Millat Ideal Secondary School (For Boys) Hafizabad Road, Gujranwala
Mumtaz Grammar School (For Boys) G.T. Road Wazirabad
Muslim Iideal Boys High School Mandiala Tega (Gujranwala)
My School System (For Boys) Gulshan Colony G.T. Road, Gujranwala
New Jinnah International Public School, Kalaske (Gujranwala)
New Key Stone Public High School Model Town Gujranwala
New Science Foundation High School For Boys Kamoke (Gujranwala)
New Way Model Boys High School Gala Ghulam Muhammad Thekedar Gujranwala
Pacific International High School 2-Asad Colony, Sheikhpura Road, Grw
Pak Grammer Public High School, Wahndo (Gujranwala)
Pakistan Foundation Model School, 60-A S/Town, Gujranwala
Pakistan International Public School & College Gujranwala
Pepperdine School Gujranwala Branch
Present Times's International Public School Gujranwala
Prima Standard High School For Boys G.T. Road Kamoke (Grw)
Punjab Grammar High School (Boys) Nizampur Gujranwala
Punjab Public High School Gujranwala
Punjab Public High School Kamokey (Gujranwala)
Quaid-I-Azam Divisional Public School Gujranwala
Royal Genius Cambridge High School Kashmir Road Peoples Colony Gujranwala
Saint Mary's English High School Session Court Road, Gujranwala
Saint Pauls High School Jalil Town Gujranwala
Sardar Grammar School Siddique-E-Akbar Town, Gujranwala
Science Base High School Satellite Town Gujranwala
Science Foundation High School Civil Lines Gujranwala
Science Locus High School (For Boys) 150-D Satellite Town Gujranwala
Science Vertex The School Of Sciences (Boys) 10-D Satellite Town Gujranwala
Science Way School System For Boys Moh. Shoaib Nagar Verpal Chatha, (Grw)
Science Way School System Race Course Road Gujranwala
Shah Wali Ullah Higher Secondary School, Atawa (Gujranwala)
Shaukat-E-Islam High School Jalal Balaggan Distt. Gujranwala
Sir Syed Pilot High School Model Colony Wazirabad (Gujranwala)
South Eastern School Of Science & Arts Gujranwala
Spring Field Public School For Boys, Gujranwala
St. Denys English High School (Boys) 1-Church Road, Gujranwala
St. Denys English High School (Boys) 1-Church Road, Gujranwala
St. Joseph's High School Sialkot Road Gujranwala
St. Peter's English High School, Gujranwala
Study House School System For Boys, Bakhtaywala Gujranwala
Suffa-E-Islam High School Chaura (Gujranwala)
Sun Rise Model High School Near Railway Phatak, Rahwali
Sun Rise Public High School For Boys St. 2 Delta Road, (Grw)
Tameer-E-Millat High School Kamoke
The Educator's Iqbal Campus For Boys Wapda Town Gujranwala
The Educators Civil Line Campus For Boys Session Court Road Grw.
The Educators Global Academic Campus (Boys) Pak Town, G.T. Road Kamoke (Gujranw
The Educators Model Town Campus Gujranwala
The House Of Knowledge Higher Secondary School G.T Road Wazirabad
The Oxford School (Boys) 1-A Satellite Town Gujranwala
The Pakistan English School For Boys 4-Tower Road Khiali Gujranwala
The Pakistan School (For Boys) Gujranwala
The Punjab Higher Secondary School Khiali Shah Pur
The School Of Scholars Gujranwala
The Unique Angel's Campus (For Boys) Sialkot Road, Gujranwala
White House School Peoples Colony Gujranwala
Workers Welfare School For Boys Gulshan Colony Gujranwala
Workers Welfare School For Boys Peoples Colony, Gujranwala
Young Scholars Computer High School For Boys Rahwali Gujranwala
Zaheen Academy Gujranwala Cantt
Zia-E-Islam Boys High School Tatlay Aali (Gujranwala)
Zia-E-Madina Secondary School For Boys Wazirabad (Gujranwala)


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